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Miho Lechter

Miho is one of the most talented performers we have worked with as well as being a really friendly person.
From Hungary but with some Slavic heritage she has a most original beauty.
She can look fresh natural and young or elegant sophisticated. Speaking several languages she is clever and attractive.
Loves horror films and fashion.

Don't miss Te Long Goodbye



She is the object of desire. Beautiful and sensual, she awakes lust around her.

A Czech star that will make you crumble with pleasure.

She is My Nieghbour and also features in stripteases and photo galleries


Megan Moon

Age 19
Star Sign: Pisces

A new Czech performer interested in cinema and filming.

See her in photo galleriesstriptease and the Movie "My Nieghbour".



Kayla Louise

How far would you go on screen?

Oh it depends… I really love posing in front of the camera and working with Cherry is great because it’s so relaxed. We used a really cool blue dildo in the photo shoot… I would be up for anything as long as it was professional and sexy.

Starring in What Men Think, Striptease and Photos



What’s the biggest sacrifice you’ve made for a lover?

I’ve been pretty lucky to have good lovers. Most of the time they have to make the sacrifice for me by accepting what I do. I was in love with a guy once who wanted me to give it all up, you know, performing… I just couldn’t do it… what about my fans!

Starring in The Claw, Photos and Striptease


Sonia Red

What bonuses are there for being an erotic movie star?

Oh LOADS! I get recognised all over the place by men and women. It’s really funny, most of the time people just look as if to say ‘I know her…?’ and try to figure out where they recognise me from, but when a real fan sees me I get totally pampered, it’s great

Starring in Rollergirl, Photos and Striptease



How does being a Cinema Erotique Star affect your love life?

Well me and my hubby both work in the sex industry so it’s great. We partner up in movies all the time. It’s just like making love at home but a bit more kinky with all the crew around. If we’ve been working apart I ask him “how was your day honey” and he tells me all about it. It’s such a turn on...

Starring in The Model and Photos



What are your hi-lights from performing in Cinema Erotique?

I was in ‘In Your Face’ which was pretty full on (laughs)… I reckon those chicks really enjoyed cumming on me. I gotta admit, it gave me the horn… I don’t think I’ve ever got a girlfriend to do that… So yeah, that was cool.

Starring in In Your Face



Does your mum know you have sex for a living?

I’ve spent ages worrying about that – Don’t you dare tell her! It’s a tricky one ‘cos it’s an easy job most of the time and it pays well… and I’ve made loads of friends. I get to do really funny stuff like ‘In your Face’. That was crazy; poor Victor had really sore eyes after that last scene (giggles).

Starring in In Your Face, Photos and Striptease


Pure Angel

What do you do in your spare time?

What spare time?! (laughs). I love to work HARD! (laughs) Oh baby give me a cock and I’m happy, it’s all I need. (laughs) Seriously, if you have good sex what else do you need?

Starring in In Your Face, Photos and Striptease



What’s the best thing about working with Cherry?

We made Waiting for Gordon and by that time, I’d been waiting to work with Cherry sooo long that I almost came at hello! (laughs). Cherry has a great reputation for being generous on set, we fooled around in character before filming and got a really good feel for the part. I basically just played myself!

Starring in Waiting for Gordon and Striptease


Baby Silver

What makes you happy?

I love the idea of being naked in public. We went to the woods to do one of my first photo shoots with Cherry. Undressing outdoors was really exciting. You never know if there’s someone watching… somehow the thought of that made stripping even more of a buzz!

Starring in Striptease



What’s the hottest fantasy you’ve lived out on screen?

I was really into making the erotic version of Guy de Maupassant's story; The Signal. The idea is such a turn on and the guy I had sex with was a really good fuck – At one point I was drooling so hard I didn’t need the lip-gloss! ah ha… I guess making this movie was one of my hottest fantasies.

Starring in The Signal , Photo galleries and Striptease

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